Vertical Stairs Need Space Saver Stairs

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Space saver stairs are the solution of the question building the narrow stairs. To make this details, you may use the material whether the wood or the stainless steel. Perhaps, you will ask what if the combinations of the wood and stainless steel? That is a tough question. Then, the answer of it is not recommended to put them together because the stainless steel cannot be gathered with the wood. As a result, the wood does not pin well to the stainless steel and otherwise. Space saver stairs for the […]

The Best Oak stairs

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Oak stairs is the best types of wood. This is the hardest wood ever grow on Earth. This statement leads to the conclusion that this wood will stay longer than the stainless steel for the stairs. Unfortunately, this only has one design and it is a tough appearance. The thing that you can modify using this material is the pattern and the motif. Hence, the appearance will go to the side of the classic but valuable. Oak stairs will be more wonderful if you have a large space in your […]

Three Types Of Handrails For Stairs

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Handrails for stairs are the simple thing but it gives a big impact to your doors. It is reasonable and you should recognize this simple function. Some design and some variants have been displayed by the manufactures. Then, you could see that they have different functions to support the rail doors. Generally, the handrail of the stairs has three designs. First is the circle, second is the sticks, and the last is the hook. Handrails for stairs with the circle design are the ordinary one. You may find out t […]

When The Carpenters Are Tested Creating Stair Spindles

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Stair spindles are the components that you will see on the stairs. Usually, the stairs are built from three components. First is the stairparts, second is the baserails, and the last is the spindles on the tops and the bottom. In this context, you will see that the spindle stairs have a big part to determine the highest art on the stairs. That can be seen on the shape, the pattern and the motif of the stairs. Stair spindles determine the quality of the stairs can be classified based on […]

The Solution Of Minimalist House Design Is Spiral Stair

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Spiral stair is classified the contemporary staircase. This design is the artistic and everyone will stone because of this. This magical stairs of the spiral can be build using two elements. First is the stainless steel and the second is the bricks along the cements. What about the combinations of those materials? That will be more beautiful and stronger. To make it well, you have to decide how many spins that you want to make. Usually, this is use for the minimalist home in which this home design does not […]